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Fashion Buyers Network – Where Business, Entertainment and Fashion Converge!

Fashion Buyers Network is a business development firm where business entertainment and fashion converge. While our platform was started for the fashion industry and launched with a 3.5 billion dollar Fashion Fund for cash flow lending. Our platform is available to any business seeking to grow their sales by using both Affiliate Marketing combined with Digital and Social Media with tools such as M.L.M..

We are a member based organization and all members are assigned a Business Development Manager. Fashion Buyers Network is a performance based company, for your Business Development Manager to make money off of you, they must first generate sales for you. We grow your sales by building your Affiliate Network with Multi-level Marketing through Social and Digital Media .

All of our staff are college graduates with degrees in Accounting , Economics, Finance and Marketing, some have Law degrees and some are nursing or medical students doing pharmaceutical sales while they earn their degrees. Our Law students for example sometimes decide to use our training to help build a practice or enter politics and use our training for networking purposes.

Our Fashion Buyers are Business Development Specialist who have also achieved certifications in Supply Chain Management and work with our distributors to move your product through several sophisticated channels of distribution which are also tied to distribution through, which has the ultimate Affiliate Network in the world.

All of our members are also represented to our network of investors and lenders among which is the Fashion Fund where we are now providing cash flow lending to small and startup businesses.