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A Return to Cash Flow Lending

Posted on February 16, 2018 By In Business Development , Lending With no comments

During New York Fashion Week, Fashion Buyers Network will be focusing on economic development projects for the New York Tri State Area. The biggest benefit may go to New Jersey who many people do not realize is the embriodery and textile capital of the world since 1835. We have partnered up with several financial institutions to provide our members cash flow lending.

What is cash flow lending? Cash flow lending is a modern way of looking at old fashion factoring for finance. In the past textile firms in New Jersey would recieve orders, borrow from a factorer and the sell the recievables. The Factor would get paid first and then remit the excess proceeds to the manufacturer. The modern way that we are looking at lending is that most people in the fashion industry have at the very best, poor credit. So a nightmare scenario for a designer is getting an order and not being able to manufacture because of lack of funding. Enter Cash Flow lending.

For our members, as you establish verifiable sales using our platform, we will issue you business lines of credit for manufacturing, restructuring of debt, credit repair based on your cash flow, not on your credit score. The Cash Flow loans carry traidtiional repayment terms like a credit card, however as sales are generated on on platform through your affiliate network 25 to 40% of future sales are directly applied to the loan principle. This forces you to pay down your loans quickly and allows us to provide you larger future loans as you continue to grow.

For more informatiion on Cash Flow lending please reach out to your Business Development Manager.

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