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Why an Internship to Hired Program is needed.

To intern alone is no longer enough. Recently we posted an internship online and were bombarded with over 300,000 applications from Marketing majors. At first glance you say great results, until you dig deeper.

Out of the 300,000 applicants. 80% already had graduated and obtained a Master’s degree in Marketing. So I see something very wrong with people who have already graduated willing to do a sophomore level internship. So I started talking to them. The answer is sadly simple. Most have a lot of useless make believe theory and no real knowledge of how real business works. Our solution.

A real Internship to Hired Program. The program is designed to be a two year program leading to employment with Fashion Buyers Network or one of our clients. Entry level communications would be the starting point and simple sales.

What are simple sales? Simple sales are products that are currently selling through High School graduates on a scholarship program. Basic advertising sales to help people development the most basic of communications skills, to say hello! You will learn that 98% of the people you ask will say no thank you. Once you 1. Show up. 2. Do some simple sales. Fashion Buyers Network will sponsor you for training in Microsoft CRM for Sales. Other certifications.

Additionally certifications and licenses to be obtained as part of the internship are:

  • Office 365 /Dynamics
  • ERP Dynamics
  • Supply Chain Commerce
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Online Advertising

On  the financial services side you can be sponsored for:

  • Insurance
  • Series 6 and 7 for stock brokerage

At the end of the Internship you will be qualified for employment at Fashion Buyers Network as a Business Development Specialist. For the Fashionista’s in the group you can continue to become a Fashion Buyer. For recent graduates.

Recent graduates and M.B.A.’s it is too late for an internship program. What we can do is an accelerated training and employment program. The training and work must be intensive in order to make it worth our while. We cannot spend time on people who already graduated and have them sit around with no pressure. The no pressure environment is for students since school must come first, work second and the internship should lead to employment as they graduate.