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What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It’s a form of marketing that helps promote and advertise a business’ product through one’s online platform using a unique affiliate link.

General Process of Affiliate Marketing:

  1. The blogger/marketer posts a blog, video or an article about the product on their online platform.
  2. He/she adds the affiliate links across the post for quick access to the product and the merchant’s website.
  3. A visitor/viewer/reader decides to learn more about the product via the affiliate link.
  4.  The visitor clicks the links and is redirected to the company’s site that sells the product.
  5. The shopper finally buys a product and the company (merchant) credits the affiliate with his/her share, which is generally a specified commission.

This unique link provided to the affiliate marketer by the merchant is key in tracking the web engagement and sales created. All web traffic is automatically updated in this URL.