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Potential Sales Pitch Write Up

Hello Sir/Madam my name is Cameron Grant I’m here with Fashion Buyers Network. First, let me ask you a question, If you had an opportunity to make an investment in yourself and your business of 10,000 dollars to make over 500,000 with only a 2% fee on the business we making for YOU afterward! Would you take it?

“And how would you do that?”

We take full advantage of affiliate marketing which has been used only on a global scale. With our sales force we have combined high end marketing techniques with old fashioned business networking. This separates us from your normal advertising agency.

Now what does that mean for you:

Instead of merely having multiple people just call you for information from the online ads or having a website that will garner traffic without creating any concrete sales, in which you, the website owner will have to pay for (every visit cost bandwidth and server resources-In case they ask explain that this is not free)

So how we start is by building you a site and then we being to partner you with local partners in the area related to your niche. For example, if you were a baker we would connect you with places that sell or rent tuxedos, limos, and dresses. While our affiliates do all the online advertising. This means you are not only connected with people online, but also the people in your community!

“That sounds great but I can’t afford 10,000 dollars right now.”

Well, we are here to work for you and the success of your business. We have ad packages starting at 1,000 dollars and you’ll find that we are generally more affordable than google adwords, and we are doing the work! However, I must say that the cost per click reduces significantly with the larger packages, but it won’t include all the benefits of the 10,000 dollar plan. It is only online advertising.

“Well I only have 2500+ to spend but I would LOVE the 10,000 dollar plan.”

Okay, well like I said before we are here for the betterment of your business. I will have to talk to my manager, but perhaps we can have you pay the rest when we generate you the capital necessary to pay us the rest.

I thought of this as I was wondering how to present the product and with some ideas from louis I attempted my own spin on it, please critique add/suggest/remove.