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Branding and the growth of KARO

Hello everyone. Please check out this awesome article featuring my journey as entrepreneur and check out our newest catalogue
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Karo swimwear affiliate is now live

Karo swimwear is now live with it’s affiliate marketing program. Brittany Toczko, Vice President of Brand Ambassadorships at Fashion Buyers Network will be providing training and career connections to the new Karo Kittens. Who are the new Karo Kittens?

Karo Kittens are models who have been trained as super affiliates and recieve certian Microsoft certifications for example in CRM for Sales qaulifed to represent Karo swimear at industry events and may also participate at fashion events at the local and international level. Karo Kittens will also be salaried staff at Karo swimwear. Taking many model’s career in a path to success enviorement turning models into succesful business marketing professionals.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Brittany as soon as possble ot Liz the affilaite manager at Karo swimwear.

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Keeping It Simple: Introduction to Fashion Buyers Network and What It Means to You

The Beginning of the road

What is a niche? A niche is a specific part of the general market. IE: Fitness, Weddings, Marital arts etc. On a local level we connect our clients with businesses related to their niche for example if he makes wedding cakes we would connect them with our partners that rent tuxedos, limos, and venues.

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. This is who we become to our clients, we work on online and other types of advertising for them. If they have the premium $10,000 plan we provide them with a website, take care of the advertising not only digitally but also network with local businesses are related to their niche that we are partnered with.

Money in your pocket

We are willing to start with a lower draw as low as $600.00 per week.. For those who wonder what a Draw is.


A Draw is simply an account created to offer staff a stead paycheck in the form of advances on future commissions. The formula is:

  • All commissions are deposited into the draw account.


  • Every Friday we pay out 10% of you commission account (minus 600) or your draw, whichever is higher


  • This means that if you sell $15,000, you would get $1,500 in your account, subtract the 600 dollar draw and you end up with 900 for that week.


  • During the probation period, you are not guaranteed a weekly draw. The weekly draw is equal to 1 sale of the premium package per week, you can also sell smaller packages until you match your draw level with commissions.



  • If you do not meet your draw level for the week we will roll over the commissions in your account until you reach your draw level.


  • At the end of every quarter (90 Days), if you draw balance is positive, we increase your draw by $200.00 per week. Draw is capped at $20,000.00 per week.


  • Managers you receive .5% of the sales generated by your team for example if your team generates $1,000,000 a week this translates into $5,000 a week for you.


Annual bonus. At the end of the year. We match 100% of your annual commissions and deposit into your draw account. This gives you an effective commission rate of 10% for the year. This bonus available only to full time employees already on draw. We are making an exception for you new sales managers.

The Benefits Once Hired:

  • 5,000 Dress for success bonus
  • Full health coverage
  • 100% Matching on your IRA (retirement plan)
  • $5,000 tuition reimbursement per year for school.
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Potential Sales Pitch Write Up

Hello Sir/Madam my name is Cameron Grant I’m here with Fashion Buyers Network. First, let me ask you a question, If you had an opportunity to make an investment in yourself and your business of 10,000 dollars to make over 500,000 with only a 2% fee on the business we making for YOU afterward! Would you take it?

“And how would you do that?”

We take full advantage of affiliate marketing which has been used only on a global scale. With our sales force we have combined high end marketing techniques with old fashioned business networking. This separates us from your normal advertising agency.

Now what does that mean for you:

Instead of merely having multiple people just call you for information from the online ads or having a website that will garner traffic without creating any concrete sales, in which you, the website owner will have to pay for (every visit cost bandwidth and server resources-In case they ask explain that this is not free)

So how we start is by building you a site and then we being to partner you with local partners in the area related to your niche. For example, if you were a baker we would connect you with places that sell or rent tuxedos, limos, and dresses. While our affiliates do all the online advertising. This means you are not only connected with people online, but also the people in your community!

“That sounds great but I can’t afford 10,000 dollars right now.”

Well, we are here to work for you and the success of your business. We have ad packages starting at 1,000 dollars and you’ll find that we are generally more affordable than google adwords, and we are doing the work! However, I must say that the cost per click reduces significantly with the larger packages, but it won’t include all the benefits of the 10,000 dollar plan. It is only online advertising.

“Well I only have 2500+ to spend but I would LOVE the 10,000 dollar plan.”

Okay, well like I said before we are here for the betterment of your business. I will have to talk to my manager, but perhaps we can have you pay the rest when we generate you the capital necessary to pay us the rest.

I thought of this as I was wondering how to present the product and with some ideas from louis I attempted my own spin on it, please critique add/suggest/remove.

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Streamlining Lead Generation- A Look at Salesgenie

Salesgenie is a lead generation company that started in 2004, it serves many different sized businesses and gives its users a way to not only look at verified leads, but also gives the ability to organize it in he person’s or company’s best interest. It also offers an account manager that helps with email and direct mail campaigns.

 The Overview

–Let’s say you want to start with an email campaign to try and amass leads online to get your business up and running and more importantly bussing with new opportunities or customers rather. Salesgenie either allows you to have one of their experts run the emails for you or go the more DIY route and take full advantage of the Email Campaign Builder, which features 35 mobile optimized themes and 270 templates. This means that you can likely create the ideal looking email to best capture your niche.

Now once you find your niche, instead of running a general email campaign attracting a larger    -more general audience-, a direct mailing campaign can be created. In which you can control the demographics and location of who you would like to target. Even physical media, such as postcards, letters, or brochures. It is possible to work with a graphic designer with Salesgenie and make your marketing ideas come to life.

Other services they provide include: SEO optimization and being an AdWords reseller that can help purchase paid advertisements on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

There’s Levels to This

Of course, like most subscription-based products they have a tiered system that allows you to choose the best option for your needs.

The entry level is the “Professional” option which gives you complete access to their databases, sales lead & list Tools, and prospecting tools. The database includes US businesses & contacts as well US households & customers. If you want to go a step further and get the plus addition to your plan: New Businesses, New Movers/Homeowners, and Canadian Businesses & Consumers are available to use to your advantage.  The sales tool supports print/export/send to CRM, google mapping, unlimited search and view and export support and training from Salesgenie. The prospecting tools allows you to do lead statuses, notes and follow ups. With the plus addition to your plan the prospecting tools also allows: Upload customer data, enhance customer data, suppress customers, unlimited executive emails, and unlimited phone dialer.

The next level in the sequence is the “Team” option is identical to the previous option with one important difference-sales management tools. This allows you to assign leads, track others, and collaborate with your team.

“Office 360 Marketing” similar to the “Team” option is only one addition fully fleshed out feature different from the previous. You are given access to marketing tools which includes: ability to analyze customer & identify best prospects, create & manage custom templates, send email & direct mail campaigns, and track ROI & campaign success. It is also unique in the fact that it combines your customer data and Salesgenie’s diverse data sets into one page-essentially cross-refencing them and making it very simple to find ideal prospects.

The final level is the “Enterprise” in which they place even more power in your hands. You can make your own prediction models, features API integration, lead qualification, and customized training and support.

A Sign of The Times

With the fully fleshed out Salesgenie app managing your leads and keeping up with prospective prospects is more than possible whether it is on your phone or tablet.


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The Best Way to Grow Your Sales Career (Hint: Don’t Be a Jerk)

You’ve probably heard that people buy from people they like. And in business, people promote the people they like, too.

You may not be thinking about what you can do to be liked to advance your career; however, you need to have a career strategy, whether you have ambitions to move into sales management or keep your current job. What’s your strategy to be liked so you can advance your sales career?

Watch your behavior at meetings

Meetings are a common occurrence in sales, so you may not think too much about those weekly, quarterly or annual sales meetings—you should. Your actions are noticed by the people around you and from them they will make judgments about you. Watch how you express your disagreement with other people’s ideas.

I’ve seen people attack the person instead of the idea when they disagree. Name calling is never a good business strategy. I’ve also seen people who might be having a bad day erupt in meetings—having a bad day is never an excuse. Then there are people who denigrate others and think it’s acceptable because their numbers are good. They’re wrong. I’ve seen top performers get bounced out when management recognized the team would suffer; good sales numbers will only go so far.

Here’s the best way to disagree with someone else’s idea. First find something positive to say about the idea. If for some reason you can’t find anything redeemable in the idea, simply thank the person for contributing his or her thoughts, and then follow that with “Here’s where I differ…” or “Here’s something else to consider…”or “What if…?” Never say, “Here’s why you’re wrong” or “That’s a bad idea.” The point is not to judge; the objective is to get a meaningful discussion of the idea.

Keep emotions out of your comments and stick with fact-based observations. The person who first offered the idea will save face and you will maintain your good reputation.

Treat everyone the same

I’m sure you’ve worked with people who change the way they behave around different people, depending on the person’s place in the company org chart. Lower level people get one type of behavior; higher level people get more respect and flattery. These sycophants, however, are not fooling all that many people. Most people easily see through this caste system favoritism, and it’s a sure way to be perceived as a phony and earn the dislike of others.

A better strategy is to show everyone respect. Avoid being selective about whom you say hello to in the hallways at work. You’re already in trouble if you only compliment the people that you perceive can help you advance your career. One of my friends had a politically powerful father who became sidelined by a new regime. My friend’s dad told his son, “Life is a Ferris wheel. Sometimes you are up on top, and then it turns, and you’re on the bottom.” He’s right. This man said that when he was on the bottom.

You may one day be working for the person below you. A subordinate or lower status person might be the one whose recommendation you need. Treat everyone with respect, not to advance your career, but simply because it’s the right thing to do. As a side benefit, kindness and good manners will advance your career.

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25 Frequently Asked Questions on Starting a Business 50 Questions Angel Investors Will Ask Entrepreneurs How to Create A Great Investor Pitch Deck for Startups Seeking Financing 17 Key Lessons for Entrepreneurs Starting A Business There are risks when you break the rules

Sometimes you need to break the rules in business. One rule is respecting the chain of command. I broke that rule when a job promotion was at stake. My manager had promised to act on my getting a promotion, but the months went by and nothing happened. I realized he was thinking if he did nothing, then I would stay in my current position. Apparently, he didn’t want to lose a top salesperson to another job.

I realized my options were limited. I could wait helplessly and get nothing, or go over his head. I also recognized that it would be impossible to work for this manager if the promotion fell through; his dislike of me would turn out badly for me. I decided to accept the consequences and spoke with his manager. I got the results I wanted and, fortunately, I was able to transfer to a different job. You can break rules, but just be very careful when you do. Evaluate the possible outcomes, and be ready for both the good or bad.

Be a top salesperson and people will notice. Be a jerk and they will notice, too. Given a choice, the nicer person will be selected among equally qualified candidates. Start working on being that choice.

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The post The Best Way to Grow Your Sales Career (Hint: Don’t Be a Jerk) appeared first on Click for more information about Maura Schreier-Fleming.

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Naomi Campbell’s Stunning Career, As Seen In 48 Runway Photos

The OG supermodel is being honored next week with the Fashion Icon award.

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True Love


True love lets you chase your dreams with no chains attached. Lucky I have such a supportive husband. Good things are coming!

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Affiliates versus Interns versus Staff: How they are taxed

Are you a 1099 person or a W2 person and what is the difference. The major difference is one is an employee and one is not. People recieving 1099’s are commission only and non-employee marketers. But do the differences go beyond just taxes?

Absolutely yes! Since Affiliates are non-employees they are limited to marketing and promotion through affiliate coded links. They do not and cannot represent a company beyond that. So a question many ask is. Is an Intern an employee or a non-employee. The answer is.

If an Intern on the Internship to Hired Program is not interested in employment with us and only interested in getting Microsoft certifications plus sponsorship for Banking, Insurance and Stock Brokerage licenses. They will be paid as an Affiliate. As an Affiliate the commission rate is a 5% flat rate commission. They may qualify for Super-Affiliate bonuses depending on arrangements made.
An Internship to Hired Program member that plans on staying with the company, starting their Sophomore year can apply for a draw starting at $600.00 per week. The weekly draw calculation is 10% or your commission account or draw whichever is higher. Every quarter your account balance exceeds your draw you receive an automatic increase in weekly draw of $200.00. Our draw is non-recourse. So if you leave with a negative balance, you do not owe the company any money. We take on the full risk of training you.

Full completion of the Internship to Hired Program leads to full employment upon graduation as a Business Development Manager or Fashion Buyer with a starting Draw (salary) of $2,000.00 per week with fully paid health benefits and 100% matching on the 401(k) plan.

In addition Intern to Hire members and our staff recieve a year end production matching bonus. So the actual commission rate is 10%, double that of non-employees. For any issue related on tax and other things related to the members can reach out to the workers lawyer who can guide.

If you have any questions on this you should ask a Fashion Buyers Network Sales Manager or Business Development Specialist.

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Microsoft’s vision for digital Retail showcasing the fashion industry


Microsoft is transforming the future of retail by empowering people throughout the shopping experience—from the digital experiences that make shopping fun and rewarding, to the productivity and collaboration solutions that allow retail employees to provide outstanding customer service, to the intelligent systems that provide deep insights and empower advanced decision making and personalization. This concept video showcases how Microsoft is enabling the next generation of empowered retail.

This is why we are looking for business professionals who are willing to get Microsoft certifications in more than one field. Those who bridge the worlds of business, technology and media will do great in the entertainment and fashion industries.