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Microsoft reportedly buys code-sharing site GitHub


The developer platform GitHub, which is widely used for storing, sharing, and collaborating on code, will apparently soon be a Microsoft company.

Microsoft has reportedly acquired the San Francisco-based hosting service and might announce the deal as soon as Monday, a Bloomberg report said, according to “people familiar with the matter.”

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Murmurs about the acquisition bubbled up late last week as the CEO-less GitHub was reportedly in talks with Microsoft about a sale. Its co-founder, Tom Preston-Werner, resigned in 2014 after harassment allegations surfaced. Read more…

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H&M is trialing a smart mirror that suggests outfits for you — and customers love it

H&M mirror voice and facial recognition

H&M is trialing a smart mirror in its flagship store in Times Square, New York. Through voice and facial recognition, customers can use voice commands to take selfies. The mirror was developed by Microsoft and Swedish digital agencies, Visual Art and Ombori.

H&M is offering its customers a new shopping experience and customers apparently love it, according to Lebensmittelzeitung.

The fashion group is currently trialling a smart mirror in its flagship store at Times Square in New York. The smart mirror, developed by Microsoft and Swedish digital agencies Visual Art and Ombori, combines voice and facial recognition in order to communicate with customers.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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Affiliates versus Interns versus Staff: How they are taxed

Are you a 1099 person or a W2 person and what is the difference. The major difference is one is an employee and one is not. People recieving 1099’s are commission only and non-employee marketers. But do the differences go beyond just taxes?

Absolutely yes! Since Affiliates are non-employees they are limited to marketing and promotion through affiliate coded links. They do not and cannot represent a company beyond that. So a question many ask is. Is an Intern an employee or a non-employee. The answer is.

If an Intern on the Internship to Hired Program is not interested in employment with us and only interested in getting Microsoft certifications plus sponsorship for Banking, Insurance and Stock Brokerage licenses. They will be paid as an Affiliate. As an Affiliate the commission rate is a 5% flat rate commission. They may qualify for Super-Affiliate bonuses depending on arrangements made.
An Internship to Hired Program member that plans on staying with the company, starting their Sophomore year can apply for a draw starting at $600.00 per week. The weekly draw calculation is 10% or your commission account or draw whichever is higher. Every quarter your account balance exceeds your draw you receive an automatic increase in weekly draw of $200.00. Our draw is non-recourse. So if you leave with a negative balance, you do not owe the company any money. We take on the full risk of training you.

Full completion of the Internship to Hired Program leads to full employment upon graduation as a Business Development Manager or Fashion Buyer with a starting Draw (salary) of $2,000.00 per week with fully paid health benefits and 100% matching on the 401(k) plan.

In addition Intern to Hire members and our staff recieve a year end production matching bonus. So the actual commission rate is 10%, double that of non-employees. For any issue related on tax and other things related to the members can reach out to the workers lawyer who can guide.

If you have any questions on this you should ask a Fashion Buyers Network Sales Manager or Business Development Specialist.

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Microsoft’s vision for digital Retail showcasing the fashion industry


Microsoft is transforming the future of retail by empowering people throughout the shopping experience—from the digital experiences that make shopping fun and rewarding, to the productivity and collaboration solutions that allow retail employees to provide outstanding customer service, to the intelligent systems that provide deep insights and empower advanced decision making and personalization. This concept video showcases how Microsoft is enabling the next generation of empowered retail.

This is why we are looking for business professionals who are willing to get Microsoft certifications in more than one field. Those who bridge the worlds of business, technology and media will do great in the entertainment and fashion industries.